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Howdy Tio

Howdy has an extensive training for more then 20 years in Thai massage medicine and Wudang Martial arts. Currently his main teacher in Thai massage is Pichest Boonthumme(Chiang Mai).

Molded through experience Thai bodywork, crania sacral, ancient philosophy and martial arts into his own style of treating people and explicit teaching. His background in bodywork is Thai massage, shiatsu, Qi nei tsang, WDP martial arts from Ismet Himmet, Daoist philosophy.  


If you seek transformation beyond simple learning, bringing you into deeper awareness of your body, mind, and the enchanting dance they share, this Thai Massage course could be your pathway. Our annual course, starting again in October 2023, offers an immersive journey not just into the heart of Thai medical Buddhist traditions, but also into the core of who you are.


Rather than prescribing rigid techniques, our distinctive approach invites you to draw from the well of your own understanding, to move and operate instinctively in sync with natural biodynamics. This path isn't about a 'mind' training, but a 'Do' training — a journey going beyond learning to the realm of Being.


Our training stems from a natural philosophical perspective that helps you delve into your own body and mind, befriending both their limitations and potentials. Rather than merely treating symptoms, it fortifies you to comprehend the intricate web connecting you and the recipient of your healing touch.


Anticipate a year of in-depth introspection, and open-hearted exploration — of not just how you are in relation to a recipient's body, but also of the subtle influences of your posture, intention, and attitude. By aligning with the natural rhythm of the body, you channel your healing in a playfully curious and observant fashion. This is about embodying resilience without tension, flexibility without skeleton instability, and strength without rigidity.


Our program encourages the development of your individual personality in your bodywork, ensuring your experiences and knowledge are always relevant, resonant, and instructive for you. We believe in "doing", "feeling", and "experiencing" rather than sticking to conventional teaching methods. The philosophical aspect of the program guides you towards the core of your being, enabling you to respond and adapt during your massage work.


With us, you don't just learn - you grow, evolve, and transform. We weave together the physical and the philosophical, the theoretical and the practical, to create a training experience that respects the uniqueness of your journey while offering a roadmap for continued self-improvement.


This training is set to give you the therapeutic insight to keep sharpening yourself. As a graduate, you'll not only bear the mantle of a therapist but also carry within you the ability to make meaningful contact — the holistic understanding that allows for maximum healing impact.


Come, join us. Let’s explore together the heart of Thai massage, the essence of healing, and the depths of self-awareness.


Meet Howdy: a guide, a teacher, and a sublime massage therapist who walks the path of Construct-Awareness. Howdy doesn't just teach a course; he embarks on a journey of discovery with you, examining the deep connections between mind, body, and spirit through the ancient wisdom of Thai medical Buddhist traditions.


Howdy is not your typical teacher. He emanates the principles of 'Do' training, inviting you to explore beyond the western mind-focused methodology. He embodies an intuitive, living approach, delicately balancing knowledge, experience, and conscious presence. His teachings encourage you to draw from the wellspring of your own understanding, celebrating the unique rhythm and cadence of each individual's body.


Learning with Howdy isn't just about mastering techniques but about harnessing self-awareness and perception. His Construct-Aware approach empowers you not only to heal others but to understand and nurture yourself, fostering a harmonious dance of therapeutic reciprocity. His approach is grounded in a natural philosophical perspective, allowing you to navigate the often subtle, often profound influences of your posture, intention, and attitude.


Howdy's training is a fluid experience, continually adapting to the unique dynamics of the group, ensuring your journey remains meaningful, resonant, and profoundly personal to you. Learning with Howdy involves a true connection to the material - a journey of 'doing', 'feeling', and 'experiencing' beyond traditional teaching methods. 


Guided by his firm belief in lifelong growth and evolution, Howdy arms you with not only the therapeutic tools and techniques but also with a profound insight into yourself. His program nurtures within you a unique articulation of therapeutic touch, intertwined with a reflective self-awareness that fosters continuous growth, maturity, and an understanding of the interconnected dance of health and well-being.


With Howdy, every moment is an insight, every touch is a dialogue, and every class is a journey deeper into yourself and the transformative power of Thai massage therapy. Don't just learn—transform, under the careful guidance of a teacher who sees beyond the surface, into the profound depths of the human experience. Join Howdy: it’s more than a course, it's a pilgrimage into the heart of healing and self-discovery

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