Awareness in motion -Spiralflow

This kind of training is for anyone who is into movement, bodywork, dancers, yoga or awareness/consiousness minded people.

How to express, feel, experience the concept of body awareness through exercises based on Wudang Internal martial arts Principles by Ismet Himmet.
Spiralflow is an approach to open your body (awareness) through dynamic exercises. Other excersises will give you understanding how the spirals in your body work and let show your weaker points.
This training move with structure for stability, balance and less tension for whole body for connection.

Spiralflow is based on internal martial arts from Wudang Principles internal martial arts which will give you condition, balance, grounding, flow, concentration and so on. Wudang Principles is an international martial arts school with roots in Daoism. The Daoist monks dedicated their life to cultivate body and mind to maximum potential.

The dynamic excersises where designed and developed to open up your body and get more understanding.
These excersises develop physical balance, grounding, detailed movement, intention/awareness and strengthen your body and mind. Because we train the WHOLE body and not particular muscle groups the muscle pain will be felt differently, like feeling more alive.
Most excersises can look pretty simple but work very intelligent. the movements will trigger and train the connection of the left and right brain. We will work with the natural spirals in the body and how they connect with another.

My aim is to guide u where i sense disrupted flow in your body, and by small changes its possible to feel direct change of tension.
Which will result in a more natural flow that leads to better body functions.
If the body is optimized then the mind will be clearer.
This is ancient theory and practice but translated into modern movement.

Practitioners told me that their body literally changes and muscle groups can support weaker spots. With some students i noticed personality change in getting more open and self-assured.
So this particular kind of training can result in better condition, healthier body functions, better sleep, balanced mind, grounding, relaxation, strength or more sensitivity.

Afterwards Qigong(standing meditation) to get back to Yin mode after Yang expression to balance body and mind.
To align and bring back your dispersed Qi after this workout.

Spiralflow classes and workshops are usually held in Amsterdam(see events) or on request. If you are interested to have a Spiralflow class in your studio or want to have further information please contact me info@howdytio.com.