Video training

Hi all

I have made a small video series for the basics of groundwork in Thai massage(read bodywork)
This is made for interested in Thai massage or want to start with trainings and courses with me. Its also a very good training excersise for your structure to relax in with your breath.
It can help U get more into a meditative flow. 
These excercises are not about the techniques but keeping/training your self awareness during bodywork. 
There are 6 small videos made with guidance. 
Each building up to flowing movement without losing your structure. This can benefit the receivers trust due to relaxness from U. 
The subjects are 
⁃ How to move stable and comfortable on the mat
⁃ Sinking in structure
⁃ Use of thumbs and theory
⁃ Moving with steady point

The 1st 3 videos are in dutch but you can use youtube subtitles and vice versa. 
The deal also contains feedback questions about the training that you experience. 
For this Thai massage basics video series i ask a contribution of 15 eur that can be paid through a Tikkie link

Deze link is geldig t/m 28 mei

Please state your name and email adres.
The link will be send after payment. 
Have fun and get to training. 
Please share then U will get a big Hug.