5 Day Thai Massage Intensive

This Thai massage structured base training will give you understanding about the essence of Thai massage YOU!
In 5 days you will be given tools to integrate and enhance your own work. These tools will provide you a way of working more intuitively and deeper. Each day we will work extensively on skills to train the body and understand how to communicate with the body.
Each skill is part of a whole, slowly integrating everything into embodied bodywork which can be effortless, deep, sensitive and be like fluidity.
The learning will be also how to follow the body and not the routine. Knowledge is handy if you know where its derived from.
There will be also attention for selfcare through Qigong which can be a useful tool for grounding and movement excersises for fluidity and qi work.

Subjects that we will cover in the 5 days will be

* Ergonomics – how to use your body structure in the most economic way
* Pressure manipulation – how to get more out of a pressure point by changing angles while “giving pressure” with the body
* Feet work – learn how to be as delicate as your hands
* Opening the shoulders and hips – working effectively by starting to open up the 5 openings in the body
* Rocking – a simple technique to loosen up and relax the body
* Diagnostics – simple steps and ways how to check the body where problems can be traced. Also working from triangle diagnoses.
* Therapeutics – how to address specific common problems

For this course it is handy that you already have some experience in working as a bodyworker in any way! But most having a flexible mind.

In this week you will be challenged in self reflection, your own consciousness and awareness. By reflecting on how you move and handle your body, you will discover new ways of working. This will allow your work to become more light, effective and precise.

There will not be given any routines but hands-on problem based techniques that will encourage you to play and discover how relaxed and intuitive you can work.

If you still have questions about the training you can always contact me through mail or phone.
info@howdytio.com or 06-11373803(WhatsApp)

This 5 day training costs 500 eur ex VAT.
If you have already followed this training then the price will be 300 eur!!
With 4 participants the training will take place.

Location: Tba in Amsterdam
Date: 30 march till 3 april 2020
Time: 10.00 – 17.30

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